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Introducing Islamicjerusalem (Third Edition)
By Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi

This major monograph has been prepared for readers, academic and non-academic, who are interested in understanding Islamicjerusalem and its new field of inquiry. It aims to identify the nature, identity, characters, and key features of Islamicjerusalem; and to provide a theoretical and conceptual framework for discussion of the role of Islamicjerusalem in historical and contemporary context...

The Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies
An Academic Refereed Journal published in Arabic and English yearly by Al-Maktoum Institute Academic Press for the Centre for Islamicjerusalem Studies

- Introduction

- Instructions to Authors

- Issues published before 2005
- Volume 6 – Summer 2005
- Volume 7 – Summer 2006
- Volume 8 – Summer 2007
- Volume 9 – Summer 2008

Poster of The Barakah Circle Theory of Islamicjerusalem

The title of this poster is The Barakah Circle Theory of Islamicjerusalem. The poster contains the maps which illustrate the new Barakah Circle Theory of Islamicjerusalem and these maps are based on the monograph; Introducing Islamicjerusalem by Professor Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi (Al-Maktoum Academic Press, 2006). This poster was drawn by Dr. Haithem al-Ratrout, An-Najah National University, Palest...

Poster of Umar’s Assurance of Safety to the People of Aelia (Islamicjerusalem)

Issued by the second Caliph 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab' to the people of Aelia on his entry into Islamicjerusalem 636AC/16AH. It guaranteed safety for their lives and possessions; their churches and crosses; the sick and the healthy of the city; for the rest of its religious community. Their churches will not be inhabited nor destroyed.

A Calligraphic Poster in Arabic with a caption in En...

Executive Summary - Time for Change: Report on the Future of the Study of Islam and Muslims in Universities and Colleges in Multicultural Britain (El-Awaisi/Nye Report)
By Professor Abd al-Fattah El-Awaisi and Professor Malory Nye

A report Commissioned by Al-Maktoum Institute, Scotland There is a clear and very obvious need for the Study of Islam and Muslims to be developed as a significant field of study across all levels of education in Britain. This is not only for the education of British youth as global citizens with a good knowledge and understanding of the contemporary world. It is also essential as a means...

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